Saturday, June 6, 2009


Huh, I knew I'd get your attention! I think the birders out there know what bird makes the "free beer" call. Yes, that's right, the alder flycatcher! I heard this guy in the woods off Duck Pond Trail and grabbed a few shots before he flew off behind the bar...without giving me my beer:(Oh, well maybe next time!


I did get a few more shots of the bitterns before the eggs hatched. Word is the eggs hatched on Monday, the 1st of June. As of Thursday there had been little activity observed at the nest per several reports I had heard. The parents were not around much of the time and no chicks were observed. I visited the nest about 5 p.m. on Thursday and was unable to see the adults or the chicks on the nest. My friend, Julie, had been at the nest site on Wednesday late afternoon and saw three chicks. That is the last siting of which I've heard. I am heading down to PISP this afternoon and will keep you posted.


dAwN said...

I had to see what the FREE BEER was all about! tee hee ..cute!

Great pics of the Alder..
I look forward to seeing a few chicks of the least bittern!

I am so happy that you have subscribe by email on this blog..I just subscribed!

Jennifer Rose said...

thats a neat looking bird :)

hopefully the Bitterns get sighted again *crosses fingers*


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