Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to Presque Isle, Naturally

Welcome to the debut of Presque Isle, Naturally, a blog dedicated to sharing the magnificent natural wonders that Presque Isle State Park (PISP) has to offer. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Presque Isle has been described by renowned naturalist, ornithologist, artist, and educator Roger Tory Peterson, as "the star of Pennsylvania". We, Toni and Michele, are very excited to be bringing you this blog about one of our favorite places, especially at this wonderful time of year. Yes, Presque Isle is about to burst at her shores with the splendid sights, sounds & smells of spring and we can't wait! Some of the earliest harbingers of spring, including the red-winged blackbird and turkey vulture, have already arrived at Presque Isle. My good friend, Julie, told me about a recent e-mail she sent to Jerry McWilliams, birding guru and author of several books, including, The Birds of Pennsylvania. She was telling him of some of her recent bird sightings and titled her post "The Air is Vibrating!" This perfectly describes the vibrant excitement that many of us are feeling now that spring is finally in the air! It really is palpable!
An immature bald eagle soaring near Perry Monument!Momma killdeer and one of her chicks-Beach 10 parking area.
The handsome black-crowned night heron-Canoe Portage TrailAn eastern screech owl perched along Duck Pond Trail.

A flock of immature sanderlings along beach 11.

Through Presque Isle, Naturally, we will bring you stories, photos, paintings and all sorts of information about Presque Isle. We also plan to enlist some of the many knowledgeable Presque Isle-ophiles to share why they are passionate about Presque Isle. Although primarily devoted to Presque Isle, we may at times offer information about special places and events of local interest. So, sit back, relax and enjoy; better yet, come on out to Presque Isle, you won't be sorry you did!Think you know a little bit about Presque Isle? Test your knowledge by completing the quiz on the left hand side of the blog. We'll post the correct answer when the quiz is closed out as well as much more information about the hairy puccoon so...stay tuned!!

Please let us know what you think of the blog and anything you might like to see in future posts by commenting below. Interested in being a guest contributor? Contact Toni or Michele, we look forward to hearing from you!


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