Monday, May 11, 2009

May One: Linda's One-A-Day Challenge

Marsh Blue Violets (Viola cucullata)
This year's roadside violets formed patches so dense that they looked like puddles of purple paint. These are growing beside Peninsula Drive near the 0.9-mile mark at the dirt road that goes past the boardwalk and viewing platform and back to Leo's Landing.

Marsh Blue Violet (Viola cucullata)
The short, thick white hairs at the base of the two side leaves are the identifying feature of this species. A magnifying glass shows that each hair is swollen at the tip.

Black Morel (Morchella elata)
Yum! This single mushroom sprang up overnight in the violet patch pictured above. Yesterday, when it was still only April, there was no sign of it. The magic of May, I hope to demonstrate, is that day after day, something materializes from nothing--webs of green tissue from pure, invisible energy; delicious gourmet treats from wet, sandy mud; and singing chips of color raining down  from overhead streams of migrants.

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