Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alien Deer at Presque Isle!

[Sounds of a noisy newsroom]...We must pre-empt our regularly scheduled blogram, Where in the World is the Hairy Puccoon?, to bring you this breaking news. Strange alien creatures have been observed wandering Presque Isle State Park. These beings, posing as mild-mannered deer, can be seen grazing throughout the park at all times of day. AND, they have been here for years without their cloak of deceit being detected. It is not until a recent dusk photo shoot that their true nature was revealed! Look at these pictures and see why their ruse has gone undetected for so long.
--------BY DAY--------
Look at this beauty! So seemingly sweet and innocent.Here I am, just minding my own business. Yeah, right!
--------BY NIGHT--------
Now, look at these photos taken on a recent evening.

Not so innocent looking now are they!!

After these photos were shot the "deer" ambled away having no clue that whatever their plot is, it may soon be uncovered. Speculation in the newsroom has been that these creatures are EATING the tasty grasses and acorns Presque Isle provides. OH, the mammality!

Presque Isle, Naturally ace reporters interviewed several resident woodland creatures to get their reactions to this expose.

"Well, I've been trying to lose a little weight, so I don't have a problem with the deer eating some of the acorns. Those unsightly droppings, however, are another story! Do you ever see squirrel scat all over the trails, NO! And another thing...."

"I think they're nice. Wait...did you say they eat acorns...? Why those (*&(#*&#s!!"Hiss, hiss!Frankly, I think it stinks!!

We tried to reach the grass eating deer for comment but none were willing to be interviewed.

[More noisy newsroom sounds followed by muffled conversation] What? Deers' eyes reflect the flash back? It's normal? SO...they're not aliens? Oh, man, I feel like an idiot.

Good news folks! It seems there has been a misunderstanding here at the station and the deer in question are just your standard white-tails. Sorry for the interruption, we now return you to our regularly scheduled blogramming.


Linda in Erie said...

Great post! The little creatures are so cute. The squirrel is the cutest but even that skunk looks cute (and innocent.)

dAwN said...

Hee hee..Very cute alien creatures you have there.
I like the calendar you have on your blog!

Jennifer Rose said...

deer with laser eyes! o.0 Run!

love the snake photo :)

Vickie said...

Fun post. Love all the critters.


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